Yuli Mena

Musem Director (35 years old)

I had the honor to have Ms. Carolina Williams perform a Reiki session on me a few months ago. I came into the experience slightly nervous yet open to expanding my spirituality and balancing my energy in order to heal and restore wellness into my life. Carolina walked me through every step of the process and made me feel comfortable doing this Reiki for the first time.

This amazing experience included deep-felt emotions and energy all through my body that manifested themselves even after the Reiki session.

After her session, the real healing took place as my mind and body became intentional, grounded, and ready to release anything that did not serve me for my better good in order to become a better version of myself and to help others.

Juan Pablo Álvarez

Project Manager (43 years old)

Nowadays people are inclined to look for solutions, to be aware of their problems and their misery, looking for solutions, letting life pass by.

With Carolina’s help, through «thankful» exercises and «focalization», I have been able to see, that life is a matter of moments, and the one which is worth living is the present one. Breathe, accept and be thankful!

Gustavo Knoepffler

Assistant Director

Carolina is an inspiring individual, as well as an incredibly gifted mindfulness coach and reiki practitioner.  She has helped me and my family in so many ways.  It’s great that she is doing this and helping so many people.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking help with mindfulness or reiki, she’s great!

Dante Chumacero Evia

La Paz - Bolivia

What remains to be done when the pandemic affects people close to you and yourself? How do we get out of that vicious circle in which stress, uncertainty, fear and impotence feed our minds causing chaos.


It is the most modest but eloquent solution that I found in the Mindfulness workshop offered by the expert Carolina Ponce, in the quest of peace in my life.

Preety Aggarwal

Carolina is amazing. It’s a great prevention care system. The area, energy, balance charts are so spot on. I got a scan and it pointed out that my left hand was dominant which is so interesting, as this was a temporary adjustment for my left hand as I had frozen right shoulder. The report also pointed out which organs needed to be checked for energy levels. It was also impressive how it shows the percentage alignment of each chakra.

Lourdes Lauredo

For years I felt I needed to balance my energy/chakras and I’m so happy I found Carolina. The bio-well machine she uses to scan your chakras is incredibly accurate and a must in every session I have with her. We agreed on four sessions and by the second session, I was already feeling a more positive shift in myself. Carolina has been so helpful in working with me and clearing out all the energy that no longer serves me so I can truly begin to heal. Tip: Ask for the tachyon crystals for a great boost!