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About Me

I am from Bolivia and have lived in the US since 1997. I live in Coral Gables with my 13-year old son and my dog Ash. I was an educator for 21 years. After surviving cancer at age 26 I started a healing journey that transformed my life and inspired me to become a coach and a healer.

My Training

I have two Master Degrees in Bilingual Education and Gifted and Talented Education from Southern Methodist University.

When I started my spiritual journey, I became a certified Reiki Master, Chopra Meditation and Ayurveda teacher, Mindfulness Coach from Mindful Schools, ICF Life Coach from the University of Miami, and a Bio-Well Energy Field scans certified practitioner. 


My Experience and Purpose

My thriving and healing journey inspired me to travel around the world to learn from healers. I have also learned Mindfulness from Tibetan Monks, and was honored to meet the Dalai Lama. I have trained with Deepak Chopra’s Team and I am part of the Gaia Healer’s Network as a Bio-Well Practitioner.

My purpose is to help you reconnect with your Higher Self to align and live in your purpose. 




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About Quantum

In a simple definition, quantum physics says your mind and matter are so intimately connected, that it is impossible to separate them. Matter has a mind and mind is matter, therefore, you cannot separate them.

Quantum physics is one of the great achievements of the human intellect and is the basis for understanding natural phenomena. Classical physics is a limit of quantum. Quantum physics explains the atom, the chemical bond, the molecules, the interaction of light with particles and matter, among others.

According to Dr Joe Dispenza, life is about energy management. Where you put your attention is where you put your energy. If your attention is on the known and the predictable future or familiar emotions of the past, you will be wasting energy from the present moment and will have no energy to create.